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Caregiver School

May 3, 2019

In the previous lesson of caregiver school you learned about the natural process the physical body goes through as it prepares for death. And as I mentioned in this lesson I want to focus on the psychological and emotional needs of the dying and those that care for them. As a hospice social worker my focus was on the emotional well being of everyone not just the patient but also the entire family and especially the caregiver. My work with caregivers is the reason I created this education program. Everything you have and will learn from me in this program is what I shared with my hospice families. And one of the hardest lessons is the one on letting go, to allow your loved one to do what they need to do to die peacefully. When the end is near our loved will become increasingly aware that physically they can't stay much longer. And they will begin the process of psychologically and emotionally preparing for their physical death. And there are ways that you can help to ease this transition and for you to say goodbye.